Somerdale White Cheshire Cheese

Somerdale White Cheshire Cheese
Somerdale / Traditional English Cheese
Somerdale White Cheshire forms part of our traditional English territorial cheese range.

Cheshire is a hard-pressed, open-textured, crumbly cheese with a clean, sharp flavour and slightly tangy aftertaste. White Cheshire shares the same production process as Red Cheshire, without the addition of Annatto to impart colouring.

One of the oldest recorded cheeses in history, Cheshire cheese is mentioned in the 11th-century Domesday Book.

Cheshire is perfect to crumble on fruits or eat with chutney. It is also a very good ‘melting cheese’, making it extremely versatile for cooking.

Somerdale White Cheshire ships in cases of 1 x 3kg Deli Wheels and 12 x 200g or 15 x 150g individual retail portions. Cheshire is also available as whole 20kg block cheeses for wholesale.
Allergens Suitable For
Milk Vegetarians