Somerdale Red Cheshire Cheese

Somerdale Red Cheshire Cheese
Somerdale / Traditional English Cheese
Somerdale Red Cheshire forms part of our traditional English territorial cheese range.

Cheshire is a hard-pressed, open-textured, crumbly cheese with a clean, sharp flavour and slightly tangy aftertaste. Red Cheshire shares the same production process as White Cheshire, differing only in the addition of Annatto, a colouring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree. This imparts the deep orange colouring and some say it also adds a hint of spice to the cheese.

One of the oldest recorded cheeses in history, Cheshire cheese is mentioned in the 11th-century Domesday Book.

Cheshire is perfect to crumble on fruits or eat with chutney. It is also a very good ‘melting cheese’, making it extremely versatile for cooking.

Somerdale Red Cheshire ships in cases of 1 x 3kg Deli Wheels which are sealed in distinctive red wax to retain flavour.
Allergens Suitable For
Milk Vegetarians

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