About Eker

About Eker
Eker dairy was founded by Altan Eker in 1977 in Bursa exclusively producing yoghurt and ayran at the time.

Eker continues to operate at the production facility that was constructed, expanded and modernized in 1982. Since the second generation members Ahmet Eker and Nevra Eker took over the management, Eker has been growing continuously undertaking new investments to enlarge and to update its dairy production technology to the world’s standards.

Eker has initiated a new factory investment in 2008 in order to provide the necessary capacity for its expansion goals in the market and to meet the increasing research and development investment needs. Eker aims to quadruple the current capacity in the new factory which is moved to start operation by 2012. As of 2012, having increased its raw milk processing capacity to 600 tons per day, from that of 10 tons in 1981.

Eker manages it sales and distribution activities by its own sales team and distribution centers located in Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean regions and mid-south Anatolian regions. Eker reaches around 17,000 customers on daily basis, delivering 100sku of products with 250 refrigerated trucks. Eker’s main product categories include ayran, yoghurt, pasteurized milk,UHT milk, butter, cream, kasar cheese, white cheese and dairy desserts: supangle, sutlac, sakizli muhallebi, keskul, chicken breast,kazandibi and cream chocolate with hazelnuts.. Eker formed its brand awareness with the market’s most popular “Eker Yayık Ayran,” that has long been appreciated by its unique flavor and unchanged standard taste. Eker holds around 10% of the market share on-premise ayran consumption channel in Turkey . All Eker products have Turkish Standard Institute (TSE) certificates and Food Registration and Production certificates approved by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Eker has Quality Management System of TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Certificate and Food Security System of TS EN 22000 Certificate.

In 2006, Eker and Novandie, a French dairy company of Andros have established a 50-50 partnership. This partnership provides substantial contribution to Eker in adapting to the ever-changing and developing competition, improving its product category range and know-how, enhancing its R&D capability. Novandie’s wide product portfolio and current high technology give Eker the competitive advantage in the market and speeds up its growth and modernization. On the other hand, Eker contributes to this new formation by introducing its infrastructure, human resources and market experience in Turkey.

To compete in the dairy industry, we focus on developing new ideas and products that add value. Eker wants Eker’s brand to be recognized by new and different tastes.

Quality Understanding​

Being aware of quality concept is an essential requirement for our success. Thereforei we, Eker Diaries Inc. attaching great importance to quality works. We have Food Registry and Production Certificates, approved by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, for all of our product range.

Besides, Eker Diaries has Quality Management System TS EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate, Food Security Management System TS EN ISO 22000 certificate and Halal Food Compatibility certificate.